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Yugen is our debut album which was written over the course of two long years. As bedroom musicians, we made seven songs to tell the tale of our innermost self, happiness, turmoils, our dreams, how we perceive the universe and so on. 

The album starts of with “Exogenesis”, the idea of the song tries to find parallels between whether the problems of the mind originate inside us if it’s an external causality. The Awareness of dichotomy in the  path of our existence which is “darkness and light” is the key to appreciating even our most darkest hour ! 

We then head to “From Above” a song that was written first to experiment to see if we could blend massive orchestral sounds into metal music, trying multiple vocal layers to create ambience in a new way. 
The song mainly talks about how we as humans have lost the interest to explore the mysteries of the universe and that everyone has the inner wisdom which leads us to finding ourself in this vastness of the great cosmos,
but we have turned ourselves into the victims of consumerism! 

“Bipolar” is the third song of the album, which tells a story both musically and lyrically how fickle all our minds really are and how we change ourselves as we perceive situations. It’s the most high energy, intense and extremely dynamic throughout the course of the songs from heavy riffing to light piano melodies, one of our favorite jams. 

Every album needs a song with an attitude, that’s where we have “Psych” coming in, it’s a song with a focus on creating chaos. This song features one of our closest friends Raoul Raphael who was kind enough to join us and help us create this cocky song about two aliens who want to bring our planet down.

We’re now at the middle of the album with a song called “Cascading Lights”, using a very soothing voice texture of falsetto to create a different vibe all together, this is the least heaviest song of the album with the focus on providing the listener the experience of having a sense of easiness. 
This song is a desperate cry for help from a depressed mind !

The first song ever written for the album and the most fun to make was “Presence”. This song was our first real experience of songwriting with a focus of delivering every ounce of musicianship we had gathered over the years into a single song. The ambient interlude, long technical guitar and keytar solos were incredibly difficult to craft and blend. The vocal ranges attempted in this song are some of the most challenging as well! The song ends with “Alan Watts” message to us all.
After having a profound experience on a night out and experiencing the world differently and attaining self-peace we wrote our final song “Abiogenesis”. The idea behind the song is very simple, to be more aware, to listen and grow as individuals. The heaviness of the song to the interlude signifies transcendence from chaos to light, this song tells the story of the night of profound experience.  
This is yugen, an awareness of the universe that triggers emotional responses too deep and mysterious for words. Thank you for listening to our art and being a part of the journey.